Friday, June 10, 2011

Coupon Resources

The BEST source of coupons is a newspaper!
Newspapers will carry manufacturer coupons that can be used at almost any store.  In our area, the Jonesboro Sun carries the Red Plum and Procter & Gamble inserts, and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette carries the SmartSource and Procter & Gamble inserts.  ALWAYS be sure to check the newspaper for the correct amount of inserts so you don’t buy an empty paper.

To find a PREVIEW of what will be in the Sunday paper visit:
This blog!!   I subscribe to the Sunday Coupon Preview and will always post the previews from there as soon as I get them. (Preview pages and email signup) (Preview Pages) Post Wed or Thur
**Plese note: Coupons are regional.  What is on these preview sites and what we get here may not be exactly the same. However, these are usually pretty close to what we get in our inserts, and these are actual coupons that are "out there" to be had. You can usually obtain them elsewhere if they're not in our local papers.
Printable manufacturer coupons from online sources:  When printing coupons, each computer you use will be able to print each coupon twice.  Once the first copy has printed, hit the back button on your browser three times, and the coupon should reprint.  Most online coupons "reset" at the first of the month, so be sure to check those sites each month so you don't miss out on the good coupons.
Manufacturer:  Another great way to get coupons is to contact the manufacturer of the product. Send them an email through their website telling them how much you enjoy their product and would like a coupon.  You could end up getting several coupons and even occasional free samples.  Sign up for their emails and promotions.  Always check the website for current promotions.  You never know when you might come upon a coupon.

Obtaining extra coupons:  Extra insert coupons can be obtained online from coupon clippers.  Since technically, coupons cannot be purchased, sold, traded, etc...what you are paying for is for the person's time clipping and mailing them to you - not for the coupons themselves.  This is what I use most of the time when there's a REALLY good coupon that I can match with an item we use and get it for really cheap or free.  It's a lot more cost-effective than buying a bunch of copies of the newspaper for "that one coupon". - Coupons & Things By Dede - I have used her MANY times to get extras of coupons for things that we use that I know are on sale or that we will use if the expiration date is out a ways.  She is in New Braunfels, TX, and ships out usually same day during the week, and they come super fast using just regular mail. - I have also used her a few times. She also has an eBay store. - Coupon Clippers - Yes, eBay.  Make sure that the seller has as close to 100% positive feedback as possible and a reasonable per-coupon price average including shipping. 
Electronic coupons: You can load e-coupons onto your Kroger shopping card.  There are links to these sites from the Kroger website, where you can also print out Kroger coupons.  From the Kroger homepage, click on In Store and then Coupons. - These can also be added to your cell phone. - These e-coupons don't deduct from your shopping total, they just add the coupon amount to your uPromise savings account when you purchase an item that you have the e-coupon for.

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